Fashion Editorial Photographer

Fashion Editorial Photographer

Fashion editorials are telling a story for a magazine, a designer, a brand or a blogger. There are many types of fashion editorials and many styles depending on the fashion photographers’ niche within the industry. Editorials usually contain 4-6 looks and 8-10 images but some may be shorter and some may be longer depending. I usually always shoot one full or half shot and one closeup of each look. Sometimes depending on what designers or magazines want its more about the location, the clothing or the location. Depending on this is really depending on how you shoot, what you shoot and why.

Here are some of my fashion editorial images:

fashion editorial photographer

Fashion Editorial Shoot

So what do you do different in an editorial shoot compared to a regular fashion shoot? Its all about the story you are telling in an editorial and keeping the theme live in each image so all tell that story together. This is one of my favorite types of shoot, I love telling a story with photos, its fun and it allows you to be creative and the shoot is part of that experience that tells the story. Here is one of my editorials I’ve shot:


This was a editorial style lookbook I shot for a local designer in Stockholm, Sweden. I shot her campaigns and lookbooks for 3 years before I moved back to the USA. One of the best hat designers I’ve seen. High-end couture hats.